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Barbara Leoni
Guitar and Vocals

Sandy Walker
Bass and Vocals

Michelle Olsen
Keyboards and Vocals

Max Miller 
Drums and Vocals

Lisa Haze
Lead Vocalist

Annie Bertucci
Saxophone/Lead Vocals

Judy Shock
Sax and Vocals




The California Girls possess a unique blend of Beach Boy like harmonies and guitar riffs that even impressed legendary surf performer Dick Dale.  Combined with good looks, long legs, blonde hair and a whole lot of talent, it’s no wonder that they are the first pick to open for the Beach Boys when on tour.  During their first two performances with the Girls, the Beach Boys started their set with one of their songs,  "California Girls",  and later having the Girls up to sing with them on stage, and calling them the "California Girls".  The idea hit home, and they adopted the name from that point on. 

The Girls have also opened for the Surfaris, Steppenwolf, The Drifters, The Platters, Red Bone, Donny Brooks and host of other hit acts.  

They have experienced a whirl-wind of traveling, performing and recording. The last two years alone have kept them busy doing USO shows throughout the world, playing for thousands of GIs. The tours have covered Bosnia, Macedonia, Germany, Norway, Hungary, Greenland, Iceland and most recently the Pacific Rim, including Johnston Atoll, Hawaii, Kwajalein, Japan, Okinawa and Micronesia. In 2000 they were asked to perform at an event by the hit TV show "Bay Watch" during which they wrote a new song - "Bay Watch Girl".

They also play for corporate events and in the show rooms at The Venetian, The Hondah, The Orleans, Buffalo Bills, Prima Donna, Nevada Landing, Avi, The Riveria and the Trump Plaza. They are the perfect party band, delivering tons of memory rattling oldies that help cross the generation gap, so that listeners and dancers of all age groups are entertained. 

The Girls are a collection of sweet, very attractive, American "girl next door" types.  Their professional attitude,  talent, love of good music and flair for entertainment has made them a popular act resulting in being asked for return engagements time and again.




Barbara Leoni

Lead Guitar / Vocals

Barbara has played guitar for most of her life. She has been playing professionally since she graduated with honors from GIT (Guitar Institute of Technology) in Hollywood. She exhibits a wide variety of styles and enjoys adding her own edgy sound to the surf classics of the California Girl’s, which is comparable to the cutting edge sounds that came from the guitars in the "surf music’ of the early 60’s.

Barbara's website



Sandra Walker Coolidge

Bass Guitar / Vocals

Bass player, Lead vocals, and Back up

Sandy was raised in Hawaii, and writes music inspired by Island life and the surf community.   She 's a University of Hawaii alumni, and also continued her education in California at F.I.D.M.

Currently she studies voice at R.E. studios along with guitar and music. Sandy has acquired extensive experience with her previous band recording and touring the United States and Europe.

Also Sandy's Entertainment Website



Michelle flying a C140

MichelleBoys.jpg (159759 bytes)

Michelle Olsen

Keyboards / Vocals

Singer and keyboardist, Michelle, has been a member of the all girl band for 6 years. In addition to being a California Girl she is also a back-up singer for the American pop diva Mercy and the Merkettes, a one of her tantalizing Merkettes.

Michelle received her Bachelor of Arts in music from California State University, graduating cum laude

When she is not hard at work engaging in her musical endeavors, she is hard at play hiking a mountain, skiing the slopes or enjoying a delicious beverage with her friends.




Max Miller


Known for her style, precision and dexterity....she hits maximum overdrive with the international touring act The California Girls. She "looks like a Barbie...but sounds like Ken..."


Lisa Haze

Lead Vocalist

A true California girl. born and raised in sunny southern California, she grew up spending her summers sunning and surfing on the shores of Laguna, San Onofre and Newport Beach, all the way up to Malibu and Zuma.

She sang all through childhood winning awards for her performing and began recording as a lead vocalist at the age of 13....  spent time singing professionally in various different bands with styles ranging from rock, pop and R&B, to alternative drum and bass.

After attending Orange Coast College, she took 1st place in a contest, where she wrote and sang her own song, winning her a screen test for a movie. From there she began her acting career. and has been a lead actress in several movies and appeared in popular TV shows, such as Dynasty, Fresh Prince of Bell Aire and many others.  She even hosted a show based on in-line skating and skate boarding which appeared on ESPN 2.

Never forgetting about her musical roots, she kept singing and signed a record deal with SONY in the R&B division, and is also singing on compellations and albums currently being distributed in Europe and the U.S.   One of the songs she wrote called “I know” has been featured periodically on the show Real World MTV.

She loves being a California Girl! When she’s not singing or acting, you’re likely to find her sailboat racing, kayaking, skiing, hiking, and horseback riding, or taking off to some exotic location.

Lisa's Headshot & Resume
Also Lisa's Entertainment Website

Lisa Haze - personal website





See Annie's Composite Pics

Annie Bertucci

Lead Vocals/ Keyboards/Percussion/Saxophone

Annie is a recording artist with 3 albums released to worldwide audiences on assorted labels including RCA LTD- (Australia),TELEFUNKEN- (Germany/Eastern Europe), Carrare (France), PONY Canyon, LTD ,(Japan/Korea), Annie won the Grand Prize at the YAMAHA World Popular Song Festival at the Budokahn in Tokyo, on behalf of the USA, and toured with "The Baby's" as their Featured vocalist for 2 years opening for Alice Cooper, Journey, Styx, Cheap Trick, AC/DC, Eddie Money, Ted Nugent, and other assorted major touring shows in the largest Venues in the USA and CANADA. Her dynamic presence and command of the stage will blow you away. You’ll be left wondering how so much VOICE comes out of a little petite blonde like that. Annie will certainly astound you with her keyboards/percussion addition and just her HIGH ENERGY Personality that makes hr truly a TREMEDOUS ENTERTAINER. Enjoy this VOCALIST EXTRAORDINAIRE in live performances all over the world!

Annie's Personal Website:

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Judy Shock

Saxaphone / Vocals

A native Californian, Judy’s career started in Musical Theater, where she is still seen from time to time. She picked up her first flute at the tender age of ten. She enjoyed the pretty flute, but it just wasn’t "rock star" enough for her.

Being an entertainer has taken her to many exciting places. The coldest being Minneapolis, Minnesota. It didn’t take long for this California Girl to trade in her snow suits for swim suits and come back home!

If she’s not on stage, Judy can be found hiking, ballroom dancing or simply lounging on the beach watching surfers and dolphins. 



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