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                            Surfer Joe at Doheny Beach

2 from our CD

1) You and Malibu   
featuring Sandy Walker on vocals and Barbara Leoni on lead guitar

2 ) The Wedge / Pipeline   featuring Barbara Leoni on Guitar


Original 60's Surf Music
Caterpiller Crawl Strangers   Surfer Joe Surfaris
California Girls Beach Boys    Baja Astronauts
Torquay Fireballs   Rumble * Link Wray
Let's Go Trippin' Dick Dale   Bulldog Fireballs
Surf Rider Lively Ones   Bustin' Surfboards Tornados
Hawaii Beach Boys   Pipeline Chantays
Out of Limits Marketts   Wipe Out Surfaris
Underwater Frogmen   Let's Go The Routers

Not all tunes were from the 60's - the surf craze started in the late 50's and Rumble* and others are included in the Surf Era.  Bruce Brown included these songs in his surf documentary movies. 

When the Surfaries released Surfer Joe it was intended to be the hit and on the "B" side of the 45 rpm record was the second choice song Wipe Out which became the most famous and largest selling of all surf tunes.

* Rumble by Link Wray - which first appeared on the air in 1958 - caused such a stir that it was banned by many radio stations as being too corruptive to youth with his new music, a thrashing,  loud driving sound.  Pete Townsend of THE WHO said,
"He is the king; if it hadn't been for Link Wray and 'Rumble,' I would have never picked up a guitar'

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