Narration by Lisa Haze.....

At a FOB (forward operating base).   As you can see, we were out in the middle of nowhere.  They told us the Taliban was surrounding the base in the mountains you see in the distance.  A little scary, but we had no problems.  There was an assassination of a radio announcer during our show not far from where we played, but everything else seemed like business as usual.  These guys had NOTHING out there!  Their dinning facility was a tent with a dirt floor.

As you can see the stage was the desert floor and we had to do the show during the day
because they had no lighting.  It was truly amazing.


Lisa dancing with Afghani soldiers.  It was a moment in history, because Afghani men DO NOT associate with women.  They are definitly not used to seeing women, especially blonde women, playing music in a rock band and dancing around without a burka covering their entire body!  Here they were doing their traditional style of dancing, to the song Hotel California, and probably for the 1st time with a woman.   It was wonderful!



Barbara Leoni






This soldier's name is Guy.  He was great!  He spoke fluent Italian and translated for us and the Army, as there were many Italian soldiers stationed in Herat.  He along with some of the special forces men, (who refused to have their picture taken,) escorted us around the city of Herat in Afghanistan,  We had a great time!  Notice we were required to wear our bullet proof vests when we were off the base.

The Citidel which is Alexander the Great's castle. Special Forces took us out in the city
and inside of the castle.  Fantastic history!



Life in the city of Herat Afghanistan.

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